New Store and opening stuffs coming sooon!

Yes that's right, as I had to move my shop lower than where it was , my shop's nearly done and will be open soon , along with opening gifts and such.So keep a eye out for my message.
Here's a preview of what the new store looks like. :)

<3 <3 <3 Sandy

Yayy freedom + store moving dowwwn

Ooookay dokey , Finally given in my graphic design portfolio so can get back to being creative on sl also! ...and also rl funns :D Bring on display design in september woohoo..

Anyway just to let everyone know if they try to tp to the store or wonder where its gone it's moving way below where it is now. If im quick people would even notice! but I'm a serial afk'er so it might take me a little!.

So a little heads up! But but but keep checking for new releases, I have 2 shoes and some accessories in the line up and mayyybe a sale coming up!

Keep sweet!
<3 Sandy <3333


ok thought I'd follow the rest like a goodsheep... ( oO)...i got like always different ones with 3 different pictures at 3 different angles loll! and these look like my av? oO.....Ah well atleast the most lookalikey is the prettiest hehe..sort of, but who is it :/
Is that a man I see below me.... ( cant help but giggle at that one)

<3 Sandy

New hair!..Coming soon skins! and a limited freebie!!!

Yes thats right! freebie time again!
But first up ...a cute short hairdo with a very well thought out name that does it super justice!
I'm just loving the whole sexy short hair thing right now.

Anddd a lovely freebie for all you lot , but again ..its a limited freebie so ONLY till Sunday 12 noon slt! After that im chucking it for sale on the discount stand outside!!

Oh oh oh and skins! yes is a sneak peak at what I will be releasing veryyyy soon..they will be coming in 3 skin tones and at least 10 makeups ( i hope hehe )
Ready ...get set...drool!! <3

So come on down ..its all up :)

*Testing testing - Fart- Testing testing*

Dont mind me ...I'm just testing to see if my blogs all in order :D been having a few hiccups with it..
So to ease the annoyance here's something kyoooot + funny :D <3

New hairs and a tiger claw chain!

Helluuu ...4 new hairs plus a 2 in 1 diamond encrusted tiger claw chain!! :)

Im in need to some shut eye so I wont babble on this time hehe ;)
Hope you guys like it!
<3 Sandy

FREEBIE - Hair!!!

Hey guys

Im being realllly nice and throwing a flexi hair freebie at you for a limted time called Sky...
So far it is only available in black and ONLY till Sunday 12noon slt..

So come grab and be happy ! :D

<3 Sandy